InductOnline is a simple, easy to use, easy to manage online learning platform to create and publish online courses or inductions.

PHOS has been working with InductOnline since the end of 2012. Their initial requirements were to hire a front-end UI developer. Sourcing the front-end developer was fairly easy as there is an abundance of qualified professionals in the local IT industry. We were also fortunate to fine a UI developer with specific experience in the technologies required to develop in the application.

The customer also requested we hire another resource that would do the software testing for the entire development team. The resource would also have a dual role later on to provide technical support to the existing customer base of the software. Further, they were looking for somebody who had exceptional technical writing skills who could produce high quality product and support documentation for the support and their customers. Despite looking for a multi-roled resource, we were able to recruit a well experienced professional in all of these required fields.

Once we got all of them on board, the developer and tester worked very closely with existing developers of the company based out in Australia, Portugal and Bulgaria. After a few weeks of training and knowledge transfer, the developer were able to start UI/UX development in the software and fixing UI issues. The development team followed an Agile approach with the development and testing of the software.

After a full year of service provided to the customer, they decided to further expand the team by hiring an additional software testing staff which would also do some technical support from time to time.