Vectron Australia

Vectron is a POS supplier of choice for some of the best known pubs, clubs and hotels in Australia.

PHOS has been working with Vectron Australia since the middle of 2013. Their initial requirement was to actually re-hire an existing staff of 6 help desk support and admin staff and a web developer which they contracted from a previous offshoring provider. We quickly transitioned them into the PHOS environment with the proper on-boarding procedures and continuous service to the client.

Over the next few months, PHOS supported the customer and their offshore staff through human resource, financial, legal and office facilities management. The support included organizing quarterly trips of the offshore staff from Manila to the company’s headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. This included visa and airline arrangements for the offshore staff. At certain times, the client also send some of their experienced staff to work with the offshore staff here in Manila for weeks at a time. PHOS organized travel and hotel accommodations for the client’s visiting staff and provided a hot desk at the office so they could work easily and closely with the offshore staff.

After a full year of service provided to the customer, they decided to further expand the team by hiring additional help desk support staff, sales and marketing support staff and a search engine and search marketing specialist. PHOS was able to quickly fulfill the client’s requirements in a short period of 2 to 4 weeks.