About Us

Smaller Company, Bigger Results

Established in 2012, we have grown into a full-service offshoring and consulting company after gaining the trust of our clients by giving the highest level of service. Our professionalism and efficiency sets us apart from other companies which we can only attribute to our greatest asset, our people.

Why work with us?

Best of both worlds

We are composed of Filipino and Australian owners who are hands-on and readily available to service you here and abroad.

Everyone is a top client

We give our utmost attention to each and every client whether big or small by placing their needs first.

Quicker results

We know that time is critical for any business and we share the same mission in our decision-making to deliver fast results.

Business partner

We strongly value our relationships with our clients and treat them as long-term business partners to help them grow their businesses.

Why we’re different?

The challenge for an organisation to manage staff remotely is obvious. Geographic distance can make communication, collaboration, accountability and interaction a challenge. Traditional Outsourcing and Offshoring companies have been unable to address many of these issues.

While you may gain the benefit of reduced labour costs, often this downside does not overcome the upside. However, PHOS have a local management team in both Australia and the Philippines. At any time, you can contact and meet with our local team. Similarly, our Manila team is always available to discuss and address any issues with you directly.

Our Managed Service builds on this mantra, as we look to work closely with you, at your place of location to ensure and maximise the benefits of Offshoring in the place.

What we don’t do? Outsourcing

The business of outsourcing is contracting out labour to a third-party. In other words, we don’t take on software development projects or outsource staff on your behalf, without your active involvement. Our experience has shown that where you, as the customer, don’t take active involvement in managing your own staff, then output, morale and efficiency all suffer.

Where you want to wipe your hands of responsibility and want us to take on full responsibility, we feel that we are not the right partner for you.