To get an idea of our pricing structure for our Staff Leasing service, please see table below which contains an estimated price for each position. Pricing for our other solutions will require a more customized structure which can be proposed once we have gathered more information on your offshoring needs.

Type of Resource Estimated Price
Senior Technical Support / Software Tester (6-7 Years) AUD 3,500
Entry Level Technical Support / Software Tester (<1 Year) AUD 1,700
Senior UI Developer / Designer (6-7 years) AUD 4,500
Lead Software Developer (8+ years) AUD 5,000
Junior Software Developer (<3 years) AUD 2,500
Implementation Consultant (2-4 Years) AUD 3,900
Senior Technical Consultant (6+ Years) AUD 2,500
SEO Specialist (2-4 years) AUD 2,900
Help Desk (1-2 years) AUD 1,400
Administrative Assistant AUD 1,100
Bookkeeper AUD 1,100