PHOS provides Offshoring Services to Western Businesses right around the world. Offshoring describes the relocation by a company of business processes (in our case, staff or employees) from one country to another.

PHOS specialises in providing you University qualified, hard-working and dedicated, English speaking employees, based in our modern offices in Manila Philippines, at a fraction of the cost you would be expected to pay locally.

We provide everything from recruitment, employee setup, ongoing HR, adminstration, legal & government compliance and payroll for your employees. You will have dedicated employees, handpicked by us, and approved by you, who work exclusively and only for you.  The employees are essentially your employees and should be considered this way.

We can cater for just a single employee or work with you over a period of time to build up a team of employees. We can work with you for a short short-term project (6+ months), or look to develop a long-term business relationship.

We provide two levels of service to our customers:

Staff Leasing

Where you know exactly what you want. Our management team will work with you through the recruitment, induction and training phases. We will manage your employees from a compliance, payroll and administration perspective, but otherwise you manage the relationship directly with your employees.

Managed Offshoring

Where you require assistance in managing a project. Our local and Australian based management team can work more closely with your management team in the creation, deployment and execution of your projects.