Managed Offshoring

How It Works

Step 1

We recruit the talents for your team.

Step 2

We house and manage them for you.

Step 3

We ensure your efficient daily operations.

We build your team, house them in our office, and provide them the tools necessary to accomplish deliverables. We manage them day-to-day under your supervision.


No need to hire expensive managers.

Form your team quickly.

Ease transition into your company.

In addition to all the services that fall under Staff Leasing, Managed Offshoring allows us to utilise our existing expertise in software development. We do this to work closely with you in the creation, deployment and possible commercialisation of your technology.

How Managed Offshoring Works:

With Business Analysts in both Australia and the Philippines, as well as experienced Philippines-based software project managers, we work with you through the entire Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

This can include:

  • Planning or Scoping
    • Requirements gathering
    • Functional & non-functional specification
    • Project planning
  • Implementation and Testing
    • Managing the development process
    • Managing the testing process
    • Managing the documentation process
  • Deployment and Maintenance
    • Managing the release process
    • Establishing the support and maintenance processes

We follow the Agile Development approach, wherein we incorporate continuous feedback and iterations in our software development.

Of course, we don’t need to undertake all those tasks listed above, nor do we have to do it our way. Rather, we have thoroughly tried-and-tested resources on hand which we make available as required for organisations aiming to develop new technologies, but don’t necessarily have the expertise to do so.