Project Consulting

How It Works

Step 1

You give us the scope of work.

Step 2

Our best team works on the project.

Step 3

We deliver on time.

Send us your project requirements and we will form and oversee a team to deliver the output within the specified time.


No need to hire people, no long commitments.

Only deal with one person, the project manager.

Address your needs faster.

When hiring someone to work for you on a contractual basis on a certain project, you get the advantage of having a single point person. You deal with only one professional that will be hands-on and dedicate his job to take care of everything from start to finish./p>

Aside from our unique offshoring services, we offer targeted consulting services that fit today’s innovative startups.

Most startups nowadays operate online versus traditional brick and mortar shops in the past. Thus, forward-thinking digital strategies to promote and grow their brands are required. PHOS provides web consulting services for these types of companies who are interested in growing and improving their websites.

Two of the most important aspects of software development are gaining traction these days as technology companies embrace the need to deliver well-tested and quality products. Software testing and quality assurance are crucial services PHOS provides to its customers. These cover testing of web, tablet and mobile applications.