Staff Leasing

How It Works


Step 1

We hire your team locally.


Step 2

We house them for you.


Step 3

They report to you daily.

We will recruit talents for you, house them in our office, and ensure that they everything they need to perform while directly reporting to you daily.


Faster recruitment of talents.

Avoid costly paperwork and infrastructure.

Still control and manage your team from afar.

This model works best for those who know exactly what they want. Come to us if you simply need assistance in offshoring certain staff. We assist you in the most economical manner, while ensuring the highest levels of service delivery.

How Staff Leasing Works:

    1. Provide us with the job description tailored to your specific needs. Just imagine you are hiring someone in your own country.
    2. We recruit your staff. We advertise, conduct initial interviews and background checks. You can take part in everything from the primary assessment to the final interview. In the end, you have the last say.
    3. We set up your new employee. This includes setting up their workspace, required software and other resources.
    4. Train your staff. This is your employee⎯just in another office. Whether you want to communicate with your employee on a regular basis via Skype (phone), email or other ways, let us know and we’ll help.
    5. We handle management of your employees on a day-to-day basis. Be it monitoring attendance, verifying that all local legal obligations are met, maintaining that employees are paid on time, we fulfil all your needs as well as any additional requests you may have. Most importantly we will provide a safe, collaborative and friendly environment for your employees to work in. We fully recognize the challenges of staff turnover, so we do everything we can to ensure your employees are with for you the long haul.

You will have both an Australian-based account manager and a local Philippines-based manager to whom you can speak to any time.